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Event Schedule


3.00pm – 4.00pm
ITU Paratriathlon World Cup (Devonport Surf Life Saving Club)

4.00pm – 5.00pm
Para Athletes / Handlers & Guides Briefing

5.00pm – ­ 6.00pm
Devonport OTU Sprint Triathlon Oceania Cup and Sprint Triathlon Oceana Championships
(Devonport Surf Life Saving Club)

Elite/U23 Males and Females
(Devonport Surf Life Saving Club)


Elite/U23 Oceania Cup and Oceania Championships

7:30am Elite/U23 Women
9:00am Elite/U23 Men


ITU Paratriathlon World Cup



Trikids Training Clinic

1.30pm – 3.00pm
Meercroft Park

Tri It – Community Triathlon

Transition opens at 2.30pm



Transition opens at 3.30pm


Our Event Partners

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Events Tas Logo     DCC Logo

1. Sea FM Devonport


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Event Entry

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Welcome to Tasmania’s North West for the 33rd annual Devonport Triathlon

Premier of Tasmania – Welcome Letter

ITU Welcome Letter

Devonport Triathlon Race Rules

A summary of the current competition rules, and a full download are available on the ITU Race Competition Rules.

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Airport Transfers

Contact georgia@ccsportsandevents.com.au if you require assistance or information regarding airport transfers.




Fruit Fly Info Sheet – Event Organisers FINAL

All Swim Courses 

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Training Information and Course Maps

Bike / Running Training Course Maps

Click on the below link to view and download the training course map

Training Course Map 1

Training Course Map 2


Splash logo landscape

As proud partners of the Devonport Triathlon, Splash Devonport Aquatic and Leisure Centre are offering all Elite and Para Elite athletes free access to the pool.  They have reserved two lanes in the outdoor 50m pool, from Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February between the hours of 6.00am and 8.00am your for your training convenience.  Click on the above logo for further information about their facilities and for how to find them.

Elite/Under 23 Bike Course

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Image 19-12-17 at 12.26 pm

Paratriathlon Bike Course

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Image 19-12-17 at 12.26 pm (1)

Elite/Under 23 & Para Tri Run Course 

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When is the event held?

Saturday 17th February 2018

How can I book accommodation for the race?

Check the “Tourism info” section of this website.

Where is the best place to watch the action?

As the race is on the riverfront and the surf club precinct, there are plenty of vantage points for spectators across all legs of the event.  Check out the “course maps” and also consider our tips for enjoying the race:

  • Tell your athlete where you will be on the course so they can look for you as well
  • Know the course; look over the map in advance so you know what to expect on race day.
  • Know your athlete’s wave start time and projected times for each leg of the event. This should give you a good idea of when they will arrive at any point on the course.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to park. There are plenty of parking spaces in and around the event.
  • Plan to arrive early.
  • Be careful along the course. Please be careful when crossing the course. Only cross at designated crossing points manned by volunteers.
  • Please leave the dog at home! If you simply must take you pet to the race, PLEASE be sure to keep it on a leash at all times.
  • Arrange a meeting spot after the race
  • Remember the essentials; hat, sunscreen, sun glasses and water.


What is the water temperature?

The swim is in the ocean and, therefore, the water temperature can vary dramatically from 15-21 degrees, depending on the weather and outside temperature on the days leading up to the event.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

No.  A wetsuit is not essential, however, the water temperature in Devonport gets as low as 14 degrees in January, so it is strongly recommended that you do wear a wetsuit.  A wetsuit will provide you with warmth and buoyancy and will make the swim easier and far more enjoyable.

Is there an aid station at the swim start?

Yes.  There is water available to athletes at the swim start.  No sports drinks will be available, however.

How deep is the water for the swim?

The swim will commence from a beach start and will increase to approximately 6-10 metres in depth at the furthest point on the swim course.


Are there any aid stations on the bike course?

No.  Please come to the race with a full water bottle or sports drink, which ever you prefer.  There will be water available for filling up your water bottle in the the transition area.

Will there be a bike mechanic available for assistance on race day?

Yes.  A bike mechanic will be located at the east end of the transition area all day.

If I break down on the bike course, will there be any assistance offered?

No. There will be no support on the course throughout the race.  If you break down, please go to the side of the road (off the course) and inform a course marshal or police officer.

Can I use a mountain bike in the race?


Can I use a tandem bike in the race?

Yes (If competing in Paratriathlon)

Do I have to get my bike serviced before the event?

No.  However, it is highly recommended.  Many people experience mechanical problems on race day that could have been easily avoided had they had their bike inspected prior to race day.  You have trained long and hard, so in order to avoid disappointment on race day we urge all competitors to have their bikes serviced approximately 3 weeks out from the event.  Please contact our local bike shop, Derrico Cycles on 6424 3121, for additional information.


What will the course be like?

Course descriptions and maps are available on this website under “Course Maps”.

Will the race begin on the beach or in the water?

This depends on the tide.  Details will be advised in Race Briefing.

What is the swim course like?

Course descriptions and maps are available on this website under “Course Maps”.

Where is the medical tent located?

The medical tent is located in the recovery area.

Will there be medical personnel located on the course?

Yes.  There will be medical personnel located at various points along the entire course.


If I am unable to make the race, can I get a refund?

No.  There will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS.  If you are unable to compete due to illness and/or injury then you may qualify for a medical transfer to next year’s event.  In order to qualify for a medical transfer, you must produce a medical certificate from your doctor.  NOTE: A processing fee of $25.00 will be charged for all medical transfers into next year’s event.  This will be done online through the registration website at a later date and you will be notified by email.  If you have any questions about the medical transfer process, please email us.

If I am unable to make the race, can I give my entry to a friend?

Absolutely not.  If someone else races under you name and is injured or causes an accident, that person will not be covered by Triathlon Australia insurance.  If the athlete racing in your name causes injury or damage, you may be liable for the cost of those damages.  Race entries are NOT transferable.

What is the procedure for making a change to an entry?

To make any change to an entry you must do so in writing, i.e. if you have entered in the wrong age group or entered incorrect contact details etc.  These changes must be submitted through email to us.  Decisions concerning applications for changes to entries are final.  All changes and transfers must be submitted by January 31st


What is transition?

Transition is the area for all competitors to rack their bike and to leave a small bag with a change of apparel for after the swim and for the run if athletes wish to change.  It is the area where you will be based for the transition from swim to bike and bike to run.

What can I leave in transition?

A small bag/box with your race kit inside.  Whilst transition is fully secure, all belongings are left at the owner’s risk

Can I use decorations (balloons etc) to indicate where my things are in the transition area?


Where will the transition area be and when will I be able to access it?

The transition area will be located at the Devonport Surf Life Saving Club at Bluff Beach, and will be accessible from 5.15am to 6.45am on the morning before the race, and approximately 15 minutes after the last athlete completes the bike course and has set out on the run.  Ensure you listen to PA event announcements to learn when transition has reopened.  All equipment must be picked up by 12.30pm.  Event organisers will not be responsible for any equipment not claimed after this time.

Why do I have to be in the transition area so early?

The transition area closes at the specified times regardless of what wave you are in for security and safety reasons.  All equipment must be in by the specified time.  In order to ensure the security and safety of our competitors and their equipment there will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

Road Closure / Traffic Management Plan

Saturday 17th February 2018

Please see the following details on road closures and disruptions from approximately 6am until 6pm

Victoria Parade / Bluff Rd
Nicholls St (6am to 9:30am) around to William St Junction from approximately 7am to 6pm.

This in turn will affect;

George St (eastern end)
James St (eastern end)
Malunnah Close
Gloucester Ave
North Fenton St (northern end)
Clements St (northern end)

Entry in and out of these streets may be minimally disrupted for short periods of time and co-operation with traffic marshals is appreciated to allow for smooth transitions and access to properties.

William St
The northern end of William St, at the junction of William/Bluff and Coles Beach Rd will be closed from approximately 6am until 6pm.

Access will only be permitted to those accessing Mersey Bluff Caravan Park, Mrs. Jones restaurant and Drift Restaurant in between these times.

Coles Beach Road
Coles Beach Road will be closed from approximately 6am until 8pm. There will be no vehicular access to areas along Coles Beach Road during this time. Residents of the Western end of Coles Beach Rd – such as The Lee and Coles Beach Close are encouraged to access their properties via Nixon St – where traffic marshals will assist. Traffic marshals will also be able to assist when leaving these properties.

North St
North St from Percy St to Nixon St will be closed from aproximately 1pm until 6pm. This will affect Jingella Place. Traffic Marshalls will assist residents.

Nixon St
Nixon St will be affected up to Monash Court Only (residents will still have access to the court) from 1pm till 6pm.

Bluff Area
The Playground at the Bluff will be closed on this day. The beach will be accessible in some parts – co-operation and common sense in regard to this major World Championship event is appreciated.

The 2018 Participant listing can be found by following this link: 2018 Participant List

Year  Male Female
2017 Matthew Baker (AUS) Emma Jeffcoat (AUS)
2016 Marcel Walkington (AUS) Barbara Riveros (CHI)
2015 Jake Birtwhistle (AUS) Jaz Hedgeland (AUS)
2014 Aaron Royle (AUS) Gillian Backhouse (AUS)
2013 Peter Kerr (AUS) Jodie Stimpson (GBR)
2012 Brendan Sexton (AUS) Emma Jackson (AUS)
2011** Cameron Good (AUS) Ashleigh Gentle (AUS)
2010 Conducted as a localclub race Conducted as a localclub race
2009* Courtney Atkinson (AUS) Annabel Luxford (AUS)
2008* Courtney Atkinson (AUS) Emma Moffatt (AUS)
2007* Craig Walton (AUS) Erin Densham (AUS)
2006* Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) Emma Snowsill (AUS)
2005* Simon Thompson (AUS) Emma Snowsill (AUS)
2004 Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) Liz Blatchford (GBR)
2003 Chris Hill (AUS) Barb Lindquist (USA)
2002 Martin Krnavek (CZE) Siri Lindley (USA)
2001 Chris Hill (AUS) Barb Lindquist (USA)
2000 Paul Amey (GBR) Loretta Harrop (AUS)
1999 Craig Walton (AUS) Joanne King (AUS)
1998 Andrew Johns (GBR) Emma Carney (AUS)
1997 Craig Walton (AUS) Emma Carney (AUS)
1996 Ben Bright (AUS) Jackie Gallagher (AUS)
1995 Ben Bright (AUS) Emma Carney (AUS)
1994 Brad Beven (AUS) Jacquelyn Hallam (AUS)
1993 Lach Vollmerhause (AUS) Bianca Van Woesik (AUS)
1992 Brad Beven(AUS) Bianca Van Woesik (AUS)
1991 Brad Beven (AUS) Michellie Jones (AUS)
1990 Stephen Foster (AUS) Liz Hepple (AUS)
1989 Spot Anderson (AUS) Louise Bonham (AUS)
1988 Stephen Foster (AUS) Carol Pickard (AUS)
1987 Stephen Foster (AUS) Carol Pickard (AUS)
1986 Stephen Foster (AUS) Kim Hicks (AUS)
1985 Rohan Phillps(AUS) Doris Trueman(AUS)

* 2005 – 2009 events were conducted in Hobart ** 2011 event was conducted as a duathlon due to flooding

Devonport Triathlon Results

Please visit the following link for all 2017 results: http://tomatotiming.racetecresults.com/results.aspx?CId=16&RId=28613

Please visit the following link for all 2016 results: http://tomatotiming.racetecresults.com/results.aspx?CId=16&RId=28443

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Please visit the following link for all 2014 results: http://tomatotiming.racetecresults.com/results.aspx?CId=16&RId=28169

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