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Entry Fee

$20.00 Individual

$40.00 Team

What is triathlon?

Triathlon is made up of three different activities without stopping in between; a swim, a bike ride and a run section. If you’ve never done a triathlon before we have a comprehensive list of questions and answers on the website to help you find out what will happen on the day.

A triathlon begins with the swim. You will be swimming with lots of other kids, so make sure you focus on where you are going. Keep an eye out for the turning buoys and remember, you can stop and walk at any time during the swim, and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. There will be life guards on hand if you need them. They will be there to keep an eye on you and to help you.

Once you have finished your swim, it’s out of the water and into the transition area to get your bike. You will have put your bike here earlier so you will know exactly where to find it.  You need to put your shoes on, and a t-shirt and bike helmet as quickly as possible.

Once you have all your gear on, take your bike off the bike rack, walk or run safely to the exit (there will be a sign and a helper showing you the way so keep your eyes up), and once outside the transition area, get onto your bike as quickly as you can.

Follow the bike route – helpers will be there to guide you around the course.  Then, it’s back to the transition area where you get off your bike and walk it back to your rack.  Remove your helmet and leave them there whilst you head out for your run.

This is the last bit. If you are feeling a bit tired, just take your time. Remember, TriKids triathlon is not a race; it is about getting outside and being active and doing the best you can. Look where you are going and focus on getting around the course and to the finish line.

Finish – Well done, you did it!  You’re a champion!


Q. Who runs the event?

Cradle Coast Sports and Events together with various local associations and schools bring the Trikids event together.

Q. What is the aim of the event?

To give kids the opportunity to take on a personal fitness challenge at their individual level of fitness through a healthy, active and social event. This event is totally focused on participation, fun, enjoyment, getting kids active and providing an individual challenge in a safe environment.

Q. How old do I have to be to enter?

There will be Grade Categories. You must be in Grade 3 or above in 2018 to enter. Categories are: Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6.

  • Grades 3/4 will Swim 100m, Ride 2km and Run 500m
  • Grades 5/6 will Swim 150m, Ride 4km and Run 1km

Highschool kids can enter the Tasmanian Community Triathlon. Click on the tab at the top of this page.

Q. Do I need a triathlon background to participate?

No, this event is there for kids of any fitness level and sporting background. We encourage all children to take on the 2018 Devonport TriKids Event.

Q. Can children with special needs participate?

Yes. All children are encouraged to participate and be involved in this event. Parents and carers may assist those with special needs.

Event Entry and Registration

Q. Will event participation be limited?


Q. Do I have to do the whole triathlon myself or can I do it as part of a team?

Triathlon is typically an individual sport where you do the swim, ride and run all yourself.  However, you can also participate as a team.

What is a Team?

The team category is a great way to participate with your friends. You can get a team of 2 or 3 of your friends together and complete the whole triathlon doing 1 or 2 legs each. This is a great way to give the Devonport TriKids a go if you don’t want to complete the whole course as an individual.

Q. How do Teams work?

A team consists of 2 or 3 kids competing in separate segments (legs) of the race. Typically, one team member swims, a second rides, and the third runs. However, relay teams can also have 2 people with 1 person completing 2 legs. Just enter individually, decide with your friends who is going to do what leg and meet your friend there on the day.

Q. In Teams, where does the swimmer tag the rider?

As swimmers run out of the water, they will run up to the transition area which is where the bike rider will be waiting beside their bike. The rider then puts on their helmet, un-racks bike and leaves transition for the bike leg. Swimmers must remain in the transition area until asked to leave by officials.

Q. Where does the rider tag the runner?

When the rider re-enters transition after completing their bike leg, the runner must be waiting at the end of the transition area. Riders must rack their bike and then run to the runner and tag the runner’s hand. The runner then runs out of transition to complete their leg. Once the runner has left transition, the bike rider must leave the transition area with caution.

Q. How do I enter the Devonport Trikids event?

You can enter online through this website.

Q. How much does it cost to enter?

The entry fee is $20.00.  All children pay the same, whether you are competing in a team or as an individual.

Q. What do I get for my entry fee?

You will receive:

  • a swim cap
  • race numbers for your t-shirt
  • a finishers cap
  • an event bag
  • other event goodies and;
  • a medal when you cross the finish line.

Your registration also provides full insurance coverage by Triathlon Australia for the event.

Q. What if I do not see my name on the entry list?

It may take several days from the time we receive your entry until your name appears on the updated entry lists on the website.  If it is not on the website 48 hours prior to event day please contact us via

Event Day Procedure

Q. What is the event check-in procedure?
  1. You can arrive at the event TBA
  2. When you arrive at the event site, report to the registration area to “check-in” – which is in the Devonport Surf Life Saving Club. Once you come inside someone will greet you and point you in the right direction.
  3. Each entrant receives their pack from registration.
  4. Pin large number onto the shirt you will be running in.
  5. You will be body marked with your race number on both your upper arms and the front of your right thigh.
  6. Parents please note that the roads around the bluff will be closed. Parking will be available in the surrounding roads, such as North St, Gunn St, William St. Bring your bike, helmet and all the other items you need (see list on this website). TriKids will start at 4pm so make sure you have checked in by 3pm!
  7. One of our volunteers will escort you (and probably some other kids and your families) over to transition.
  8. There will be friendly volunteers in fluro vests to help you rack your bikes and get ready.
  9. If you are doing the TriKids with friends, find your friends and stand with them ready to start. A person will call out your age group (i.e  Grade 3/4 or 5/6 etc) over the P.A System and you will need to go to the beach. If you listen, you will be fine.
Q. Can my family or friends help me in the transition area?

Yes, you can take one adult in to help you set up. Please do not take all of your family in as this will only congest the area. The volunteers in yellow vests are there for a reason, please ask if you have any questions.

Q. What do I do when they call my age group?

When you hear the announcer call up your age group, you need to move to the beach for your race brief.  The race brief is where the race director will tell you what you can and cannot do during the triathlon.  This is a good time for any questions you may have.

Q. What time does the transition area close?

The transition area opens at 3.30pm and will close at 3.50pm ready for the start of the race.  Make sure you check in with plenty of time.  Arriving early is a good way to be organised before your event starts.

Q. Is there somewhere safe to leave my bag?

A bag compound will be provided, or leave it with Mum/Dad/Grandma & Grandpa

Q. Are there change rooms or tents available to get changed?

Yes, there will be plenty of areas for you to change at the surf club.

Q. What foods and fluids will be available on the course?

Water only will be available before and after the start of each event.  Fruit will be available in the recovery area after each event.

Q. Can my mum or dad help me during the race?

No. Triathlon is an individual sport.  No one other than competitors and officials are allowed on the course during an event.

Q. My family and friends would like to volunteer while I am competing.  What should they do?

We’d love them to help out and be involved so please ask them to contact us through the website.  Alternatively, they can sign in at registration on the day, but it would help us to know beforehand how many volunteers we will have so please drop us an email on

Q. Will traffic be on any of the roads I am using on the course?

No traffic will be allowed on the roads being used for the Triathlon.  Full road closures will be in place.

Q. How will I know which way to go on the course?

There will be a large number of volunteers and marshals on the course to make sure all participants complete the correct course.

Q. Will there be food there?

Devonport Surf Club will be putting on a BBQ and you will be able to buy a sausage or hamburger.

Swim Leg Information


The swim leg will be held in waist to shoulder deep water. It is encouraged that participants swim where possible, but as participation is the focus, we encourage all non-swimmers to enter this event and wade the entire swim leg if required. You do not need to be a swimmer to enter.

Q. Is the swim in fresh water or salt water?

Salt water, in front of the Devonport Surf Life Saving Club at Mersey Bluff Beach, Devonport

Q. Will I be swimming by myself?

No.  You will swim in a “wave” with other kids of the same age group.  The number of waves for each group will also be determined by the overall number of entries in an age category.

Q. What is a ‘wave’ start?

The swim is organised by “waves”.  This is one or more divisions starting at specific times with a period of time in between each wave.  In the TriKids event there will be 1 or 2 wave starts in each age group, depending on how many participants enter. There may also be boys and girls wave starts.

Q. Do I need to bring a swim cap?

NO, swim caps will be provided in your participant pack.  All participants must wear the swim cap provided.

Q. Will wet suits be allowed on the swim?

Yes, if you have one.  As the swim leg will only be short, however, they are not compulsory.

Q. Do I have to wear goggles?

You don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to.  You only need to wear them if you feel more comfortable wearing them.

Q. Can I use a snorkel or flippers in the swim?

No, triathlon rules don’t allow for the use of snorkels or flippers while swimming.

Bike Leg Information

Q. Do I need a race bike to enter?

NO, you can use any type of bike in good working order. Road bikes, BMX’s, Mountain Bikes etc are all welcome. NOTE: You cannot use Scooters in this event.

Q. Where can I get a spare tube or a bike repair completed?

Derrico Cycles, located in the 4 Ways shopping area, is a sponsor of the event and looks forward to dealing with questions you may have regarding servicing or purchase of bikes.  Please make sure that your bike is in good working order prior to race day. You will find tips on bike maintenance and preparing your bike for the event on the website.

Q. What if something happens to my bike on race day?

A bike mechanic will be on site on race day. The bike mechanic will be available to do minor repairs and will be located near the transition area from 7.30am and will be available until the last participant is off the bike course.

Q. When can I remove my bike from transition?

After the last cyclist comes into the transition area. The transition manager will make a public announcement to notify athletes that it is OK to retrieve their bike and gear.

Q. Do I have to wear a bike helmet during this event?

YES, all participants must wear an approved helmet during the bike leg.  No helmet, no start.

Run Leg Information

Q. Do I have to wear shoes on the run?

YES, all participants must wear closed shoes (preferably sandshoes) during the run leg.  NO THONGS OR SANDALS may be worn during the run leg.

Q. Do I have to wear a shirt on the run leg?

YES, It is Triathlon Australia rules that all participants must have their torso covered on the run and ride portions of the triathlon. Your individual number should be pinned to the front of your running top.

Event Timing

Q. Will the event be timed?

There will be no official timing for this event as the emphasis is on participation rather than competition. Participants may time themselves if they wish.

Q. What do I do at the finish line?

Once you cross the finish line, you will be given a TriKids medal.  You can then move to the recovery area where water and fruit will be available to refresh yourself.

Please ensure your bike is serviced and in good working order before you arrive to compete in the TriKids event.  Here’s a checklist to help ensure that your bike is ‘good to go’.


Brakes must be adjusted to an extent that operating the brake lever will produce sufficient power to stop the bicycle.

  •     Cables must not have any visible signs of fraying. Cable ends should be fitted.
  •     Brake pads must be in a suitable condition to stop the bicycle
  •     All securing bolts and nuts must be present and correctly secured.
  •     All bicycles must have an operating front and rear brake.


  •     All securing hardware must be present and in tight and sound condition.
  •     Handlebar plugs must be fitted to the end of bars.(no open unprotected bars)
  •     There must be no visible signs of damage to either handlebar or head stem.


There must be no visible signs of structural damage to the main frame and front forks of the bicycle.


  •     All participants must wear an Australian approved BICYCLE helmet.
  •     Helmet must be in sound useable condition.
  •     Straps must have working buckle.
  •     Shell must have no sign of structural damage.

Other maintenance, such as gear adjustments, truing buckled wheels etc can also be completed to help bike performance.

If you are unsure about whether your bike is suitable for TriKids – you can have it checked by Darren and the team at Derrico Cycles in the Fourways in Devonport prior to the event. Darren and his team will also be available on the day to check your bike.

When you start the swim remember not to run in and around the transition area until race time as it is a busy place, if you slip your race could be over before you even begin! Give yourself lots of space when you’re swimming as kicking legs and flying arms can be dangerous. Goggles will help you see underwater if you have them!

As you come into the first transition try and remember where you left your bike. Quickly put on your shoes and helmet before you grab your bike otherwise you could be given a time penalty. Always wear a helmet when riding; if you fall off it can save your life!! You won’t be allowed to take part without one.

If you are overtaking someone on the bike give them plenty of room, especially around corners. If the course is wet then ride carefully as the tyres won’t have as much grip and you might start to slide. Make sure your brakes are working before you start, otherwise you might not slow down in time for the second transition.

In the second transition first of all jump off your bike and put it on the rack before removing your helmet. Make sure when you take off your helmet you put it in the right place so that it doesn’t get in the way of anybody else, and make sure your runners are done up nice and tight before you start the run.

When running make sure you don’t clip the heels of the person in front, and save some energy for that sprint finish. All that stands between you and the finish line are a few hundred metres of running so dig in deep, you’re nearly there!

Smile as you cross the line – you are now a TRIATHLETE!

Tri-Kids Swim Course 2018 (Click for PDF)
Tri-Kids Swim Course 2017

Tri-Kids Bike & Run Course 2018 (Click for PDF)
Tri-Kids Bike & Run Course 2017

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